How to get Back into the Swing of Work after a Holiday

September is about to end, which means summer has ended and so have summer holidays. As soon as we re-enter our cities after a long relaxing holiday, the hustle and bustle including the noise of car horns drive you crazy, jet lag and feeling worn out from all-day walks around foreign cities can slow us down. We just want to flop onto our beds but end up having difficult nights trying to sleep and are awake at the crack of the dawn by the trilling noise of alarms that we have forgotten how demonic they sound. Somehow getting through the normal morning routine of getting ready is like running a marathon, and you are shoved through the door to pursue a tiresome day for which you aren’t even ready yet.

We go for holidays because we want some time off from the hassle of the city, our work and all the stress of the monotonous routine – but you have to get back to your work eventually, however difficult it may seem. After a few days when you still aren’t able to adjust to your normal city life as you are bound to the refreshing memories of sand under your feet or mountain breeze playing with your hair, you have to brutally murder your holiday spirit and get back to work.

First of all, take the required rest after coming back because you can’t start off work with the holiday hangover, you need to shed off the holiday’s skin and have to get back into your working pants. You must be tired of strolling around discovering the hidden beauty of some distant exotic city or resort. You need to rest so that you can hit your work impactfully instead of dragging yourself to work exhaustively.

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To give your productivity a hike you should consider the pro tips described below:

1. Tune Yourself: You might have gotten out of tune in context of your work due to the long relaxing holiday; tune yourself back, get in tune with your work. Catch up with the work; see what’s pending and what needs to be done immediately. Prioritise the pending work load according to their necessities.

2. Give Yourself Reasons To Go To Work: Buy new clothes or shoes: remember when we used to go back to school after a long break? our parents used to buy new school bags and stationaries for us so that we would have something to be happy about, as going back to school never made any kid happy. Since we are now adults and are our own keepers, treat yourself like your mum used to, get a new wardrobe or get yourself a delightful lunch for a day or two.

3. Take Walks: Get fresh air, pound the ground. Your feet were made for walking’. I know the city hustle isn’t anything like mountainous air, but you can take a moment to clear your mind and inhale fresh, flowing air. If you have any downtime or a few minutes during your lunch break, why not use it to go for a quick walk? Giving yourself a serotonin boost will help to elevate your mood and keep you energised throughout the day.

4. Catch Up with Your Colleagues: Like you, your peers might have travelled somewhere too. Share your travel stories with them. Something exiting might have happened with your colleagues, so why not catch up with a colleague over a coffee or drink after work? Holding a team gathering can also help to boost morale in the workplace and refresh relationships.

5. Start Pursuing A Healthy Lifestyle: Eat healthy food, walk / jog, and exercise. Snacking on healthy foods such as nuts and berries can keep you feeling invigorated and alert to tackle tasks.

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It gets really difficult to get your work life on track after a long relaxing holiday, but try to follow these easy steps and you will see the tremendous change in your work. Everything will flow into place, and the energy boosts will create a more efficient use of your brain power and work ethic.

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