6 Easy Ways To Jump-Start Your Day

There are very few people who wake up with a smile on their face and an agenda to enjoy every moment of the day. The others? Well as soon as they open their eyes they start rushing to complete their routines, usually end up being late and finally go to bed over exhausted. If you want to be a better morning person and want to enjoy a quality life, it is important to make few basic changes to your lifestyle.

Here are six of my favourite practices to put a smile on your face every day:

  1. Stick to your alarm:
  • One of the biggest reasons behind messed up morning routines is the snooze button. It is the most tempting invention on any alarm clock! When you get up immediately when the alarm rings, you will find much time to get ready and start a healthy morning routine for a fantastic day ahead. It is good to place your alarm clock at a distance and make it routine practice to get out of your bed to switch it off. I once got an alarm on wheels that ran away from me whenever the alarm went off. That way, you are forced to get out of bed quickly to stop it – that method didn’t work out well for me so it had to go.Once you develop a habit of waking up on time, your daily routines will flow a lot smoother. You will leave yourself enough time to arrive to work early and will more likely be in a positive mood ready to start your day.
BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEPPPPP!!! annoying alarm going off very anoying right? Already you can feel the heaviness. You’ve been awake just one second and you already want to get back to sleep. (Image via GIPHY.com)


2. Refresh your body:
In order to create a happy day, you need to tune up your health first. Every morning, it is essential to spare time to stretch your body, boost the strength of your muscles and improve blood circulation. Ideally sparing at least 10 to 15 minutes for exercises will help to stay fit and full of energy.


3. Boost Mental Energy: Not only the body needs a boost, rather it is important to freshen up your mind as well. When your mind stays cool, calm and energetic, you can naturally work actively on your routines. A few minutes of yoga and meditation can make your day more positive and contribute towards increased happiness. Read books that expand your level of thinking and thought processes; alternatively you can listen to podcasts or audio books. For example I post inspirational and motivational content, including words of wisdom content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. My loyal audience and newcomers can benefit from daily doses of great content that will help you jump start your day.

Benefit of Exercise: Day by day excercise enhances your muscular and cardiorespiratory wellness. enhances your bone wellbeing. diminishes your danger of (hypertension), coronary illness, stroke, diabetes and a few cancers. deals with your weight and diminishes your danger of getting to be obese. (Image via GIPHY.com)

4. Eat a healthy breakfast:
Doctors reveal that the most important meal of your day is still breakfast; most people avoid their healthy diet in the morning. The fact is that if you want to stay full of energy throughout the whole day, it is important to add a healthy breakfast to your daily routine. It can also help you to improve your concentration levels and will control your weight as well.

5. Acknowledge your blessings:
Every morning, spare a few minutes to acknowledge what you have in life. Be thankful for the life that you are living and feel excited towards the goals and targets you have set ahead. When you start your day with a positive attitude towards life, it will naturally boost your productivity for the rest of the day.

6. Believe in yourself:
Start your morning with a faith in your abilities and make sure to stay tuned into that positive attitude throughout your day. It will help to boost your confidence and energy levels to achieve more happiness and success in life.

In conclusion, here is a quote from Zig Ziglar – “You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”

The next time you wake up feeling good about your morning, remember you are the master of what goes on in your day and the more positive you are the more people around would also benefit from your level of energy and productivity.


Did I leave out any better morning jump-starting tips that have worked well for you? Please share it in the comment box below?


Here is a good book worth looking at if you want to improve your better morning routine:

Your Best Life Begins Each Morning: Devotions to Start Every Day of the Year (Faithwords) by Joel Osteen


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