Alex Onalaja

Winner of The Black Excellence Award in Science and Technology 2023. Featured on Forbes, Named in the top 50 inspiring prominent, influential voices in UK Black Tech by Tech Nation in 2019, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Youth Activist (Chair of the Board KYSO Project CIC / adviser to several youth focus organisations), CEO at TAD360 and contributing writer at Global Business Playbook.

Finding fulfilment by starting new and exciting projects is Alex’s highest form of Expression.
He is a natural-born problem solver and passionate about mentoring and motivating others to take charge of their own lives!

Though this wasn’t always the case…
He struggled all through his formal education, to graduate and find out he had Dyslexia.
After 1000 job applications, severe doubts and late-night fears he wrote his first book.

LOST, NOW FOUND – The Secret to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential in 30 Days“. A personal development guide tailored to help people find their calling in life.

He realised that he had internalised false truths and needed to show the world his true potential.


The last few years have been focused on publishing more inspirational writings, starting and leading KYSO Project CIC in its mission to provide more opportunities for young people in Manchester and other cities in the UK.

At TAD360, he coaches leading SME’s on building scalable marketing and sales strategies to grow their online presence and generate more revenue.

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When Alex Onalaja is not on stage speaking at an event, coaching or mentoring; he is a digital, advertising and sales specialist with years’ of experience coaching SME businesses on how to create bombproof strategies to grow their business awareness and maximise profitability. He is well embraced for counselling businesses on websites including SEO, social media, eCommerce platform for trading, digital & general marketing strategy and management.




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It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and my positive attitude.

John Mckeown | The Manchester College

Alex gave inspirational talks to the Media and IT students of The Manchester College as part of National Careers Week 2019. The feedback we had from the event was very positive and he provided our students with some great insights into the world of Digital Marketing. Thanks again for your support Alex.

MMU | Engage Arts & Humanities

Alex delivered two workshops as part of a creative day to help empower EAL students in Year 9 to feel proud of their culture and mother tongues. Alex was highly engaging and delivered an interactive session which received great feedback from pupils and teachers alike. We look forward to working with Alex again in the future.

Lord Kemoy Walker |CEO KYSO Project CIC

"Wow! One of the best decision we made was having the privilege to have Alex work closely with our Board members & young leaders."

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