5 Steps To Keeping Organised

One of the greatest inventors, Thomas Alva Edison once said: “Time is really the only capital any human being has and the one thing he can’t afford to waste.” No truer words than this have been said regarding time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, we can use this time to change the whole world, or we can waste it dwelling on things we cannot change or have misplaced. Often, instead of revolutionising the world we spend time on finding things that we had misplaced because we were too lazy to keep it in the place that it belonged.
Five minutes to find your socks, another five minutes to find a client’s business card and another half an hour or so to find a really important file and somehow in course of finding things you spent another day, another week and then another year. Many people have this habit of disorganisation which unknowingly costs them a fortune.

So, how do we get rid of this habit of being disorganised?

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1. Assign places to things: Arrange things according to their usage, the things that you often use keep it in places that are easily accessible. For instance: your office desk should only contain items according to usefulness, not for the way it looks.

2. Use calendars and planners: Use planners to organise the tasks that you need to complete, don’t waste your time thinking and remembering tasks. Jot them down or feed them into digital planners.

3. Prioritise things: Multi-tasking isn’t always beneficiary. Many times in course of doing it all, we end up creating a mess for ourselves. Prioritise things, see what requires your attention first and complete the task first. This ensures the task is completed correctly.


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4. Discard things you don’t need: Give away things you don’t use anymore, no you aren’t getting thinner, get rid of that huge pile of clothes you think you’ll fit in one day. Use a shredder to get rid of that unnecessary paper that has been piling up on your desk since forever. Just keep things that are of use.

5. Label things: Label things according to their usage. Place important papers divided by their names in certain colour coded and labelled files, so that you can reach for them anytime you need without having to go through several stacks of papers.

Disorganisation affects both our career and personal life. They cost us our precious time. So, it’s better to be organised than to lag behind as you have spent way too much time gathering your thoughts and items together.

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