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During my time in physical education, I grew to love playing football. I wasn’t the best at scoring goals, but you can be sure going through me to score was guaranteed to be as if I was a world-class centre back defender!

In case you wondering what this has to do with a web design company or an online marketing company, then you are right to say huh?!

This article isn’t about me, neither is it about football.  Instead, it is about the importance of “teamwork”.

In football, a team of players put in their unique skills and learn to coordinate with a joint aim of winning their opponents in every game. The same applies in the digital marketing industry.

Before considering a website redesign for your next project, there are a few skills you need to make sure is included.


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Here are my top 6 roles every successful web design project needs:

1.      Project Manager (also known as account manager): This is the person in charge of your website project; with this person in place it leaves you room to concentrate on the running of your business. The project manager makes sure realistic milestones are set for the rest of the team working on your web design project. They routinely check with the team for obstacles and progress made on the project then communicates this to the client and stakeholders.


2.      Web Architect (also known as web strategist): This person conducts research on the best wireframe to use for your web redesign project, enhance your UI (User Interface) / UX (User Satisfaction) to meet your industry trends. Their duty is to make sure website users can easily navigate your website.


3.      Content Specialist: How you word a phrase can be a factor of whether or not someone buys or takes action on your website. You must have heard the saying it’s not what you say instead it’s how you say it. Often times, website content writing is given to an inexperienced person. This usually leads to poor conversion or project delays. This person should be knowledgeable in writing web content including the use of relevant keywords, convincing sales copy, and conversion offers. This role requires a person to use their personality to direct and create content for each page of your website. Ultimately, they will have an eye for detail and the ability to persuade your audience with their writing.


4.      Web Design: Your website is your first impression; a talented web designer should be able to make sure it’s a great one. The wireframe provided by the web strategist is used at this stage by the designer to create a mock-up of each page of the website. The role also includes the designer using graphic design skills to complete image manipulation, essentially creating a modern interface to stimulate user engagement.


5.      Developer: Without a team including developers linking all the strategy, content and design work together, your website will never be built on the proper foundations. The backend developer (or web developer) uses the web strategy, content, and design to build up the website using code. They also perform multiple tests, ensuring any bugs or concerns are dealt with consequently.


6.      Inbound Marketer: With all your business’ new digital assets in place, inbound marketers use several tools to start increasing lead generation for your business, with clear statistics and data to back up all your marketing investment.

With my experience as the managing director at a fast-growing web design agency in the UK called Think ADesign Ltd; I can confidently say “building an effective website takes teamwork”. Trying to redesign your business website without the expertise of those roles above can to be difficult, partnering with an agency such as Think ADesign Ltd should be your first choice.


About Think ADesignThink ADesign is a fast-growing creative design, digital and marketing agency based in Manchester, providing simple solutions for company’s marketing challenges. It exists to ensure our clients continue consistency in how they establish their brand and visual communication to their clientele/stakeholders.

They provide these solutions through managing our client’s design, website and other online marketing input and ensure the maximum return on investment is reached.



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