Thаnk уоu fоr accepting thiѕ fantastic guidе— “Lоѕt, Nоw Found” – Thе Sесrеt to Unlосking Your Hiddеn Potential in 30 Dауѕ.”

The aim of this Book is not to revise what you already know about dream chasing, self-improvement, goal setting etc.

This is a jump-starter packed with key indicators that will ensure you continue to remain excited about the journey/process and possess the right mindset to navigate in times of hardship and tribulations while reaching for the greatest version of yourself.

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Dont just take my words for it, here are what people have to say about this book. 

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“I am very greatful for this book as it has helped me come out of my comfort zone and reach out to the things I would like to do and enjoy to do. Thanks Alex for allowing God to use you to give us such great inspiring words.” – Mourine Cheptoo

“Honestly, I don’t even like reading, I actually hate it, but with this book, it’s amazing to read. It made me see things differently Although I’m not done yet, so far it’s been amazing and would suggest you get this book. Whether you feel lost looking for a purpose or just motivation. This book will help in a variety of ways you wouldn’t even expect!” – Elizabeth Anibi 

“Lost, now found is definitely a good read. It’s such a good tool for helping you discover and become your best self and it’s been a great motivation for me to get out of my comfort zone and go after what I want in life .” – Tiwirayi Michelle

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